What Are the Most Popular Home Styles?

From craftsmen bungalows to mid-century ramblers, homes in the U.S are just as unique as the people who inhabit them. The rich architectural history of different regions has continued to be a foundation for modern upgrades. From East to West, you don’t have to be an architect to appreciate the stunning styles of homes on the market.

1. Ranch-Style

The iconic ranch architecture is known for its single-story, low-to-the-ground look, often with an open layout and occasional split level. A ranch can also be called a ‘rambler,’ depending on which region in the country you live in and local terminology.

Looking locally, ranches made up a larger share of homes in Phoenix and Atlanta than any other area, with 36 percent of all listings sold claiming the style in both metros. Portland, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego similarly favored the rambler.

Not only were ranch homes the most popular style of home sold last year, but the style also tended to be more affordable.

2. Craftsman

The beloved craftsman style is prominent in Seattle and Portland. Known for covered front porches with columns to support the roof, these homes bring charm to the Northwest.

Craftsman homes also feature recognizable interior details such as thick trim, prominent beams on the ceiling, and open floor plans.

3. Townhouse

Townhomes were most commonly found in Denver but proved to be most expensive in Boston. With the convenience of spacious layouts, townhomes offer more amenities than the condo styles and are lower maintenance than most residential homes.

The townhomes in Boston are often built from sandstone with red-brown hues. Most notably, the Victorian Brownstone has a classic architectural style with modern updates.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary-style can inspire more variations than modern architecture, taking the lead styles for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. These homes also prove to be the priciest, boasting large windows and dramatic exteriors.

5. Modern

An innovative approach, including contemporary and modern homes, was most popular in California. Modern homes are similar to the contemporary style with a stricter style format.

Modern homes typically include progressive elements such as asymmetrical exteriors, flat roofs, and integrated outdoor spaces. Many modern interiors also feature minimal molding and trim, neutral color palettes, and metal accents.

Both modern and contemporary homes sold at higher median prices than most other styles.

6. Colonial

East Coast architecture has maintained its allure with 26 percent of Boston homes showcasing colonial roots. These classic homes are known for old-world charm, ornamental doorways, and symmetrical window placement.

7. Cape Cod Homes

Frequently seen in the Windy City, Cape Cod-style homes are reminiscent of the classic American cottage-style. This type of home design migrated from New England to Chicago, maintaining it’s symmetrical design and central chimney.


This is according to a Redfin analysis of approximately 100 metro areas, looking at three-bedroom homes sold in 2018, to find out which styles were most popular. Home types were based on how listing agents categorized them in their local multiple listing service (MLS) databases. It’s important to note that these home-type fields are not mandatory, and therefore not representative of every single listing.

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