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In the wise words of Yeezus himself, “I was never really good at anything, except my ability to learn.” If finding your social media rhythm has been a challenge for your business, there are several tips available to improve your engagements. Kanye feels especially comfortable on his his soapbox, so why can’t we? Stay tuned for a guide on how to amplify your social media presence.

There are more than two billion active social media users worldwide with an expected increase of 25% each year. Social media has become a fundamental business practice because it provides the chance to communicate directly with your audience. Even more than that, it humanizes brands. Trust me, this guide will be worth it.

Before I breakdown how to effectively build social media into your business, let’s discuss the positive impact it can have on your brand. First and foremost, you are building and engaging a community. It creates the ability to establish responsive communication with your consumers. This communication can encourage three things:

  • Relationships: As businesses, our ultimately goal should be to grow relationships with our consumers. Relationships can lead to brand loyalty and advocacy while growing your retention rate. If you want consumers to stand by you through the ups and downs of your business, relationships should be the end goal for your business.
  • Feedback: Social media also opens up the opportunity for two way communication between consumers and the brand. It gives us the chance to listen to our consumer’s opinions, thoughts, and concerns. We can directly communicate information to our consumer so that they receive it quickly and accurately.
  • Integration: Integrating social media into your marketing plan allows you to communicate a seamless message across multiple platforms. Delivering a uniform brand identity across multiple touch points can increase awareness and engagement.

If you missed my last post on content and inbound marketing, be sure to catch up because content is necessary for inbound which makes it essential for social. Users that interact with your content on social media are already searching for your product. This gives us the chance to reach consumers that are further down the marketing funnel.

Are you inspired yet? Before you start building your brand on your digital soapbox, make sure you can properly implement your social media strategy. Here are five ways to amplify your business through social media:

1. Make a Plan

Before you become active on social media its important to consider a few questions. First, start by asking yourself what your objective is. For example, if you’re hope is to promote a new line of products, consider which platforms would be most effective. It’s also critical that you consider what type of investment is required to get your social media presence up and running.

Your plan should also be sure to set goals for your social media strategy. Don’t remember SMART goals from your intro to marketing course? Check out this cheatsheet from HubSpot. The key is to make sure that your goals will help you accomplish your objective.

 2. Creative Content

Wanna know how Yeezus has so many followers on twitter? Well TBH he either knows his audience really well or he simply doesn’t care. Either way, Kanye is earning a hell of a lot of earned media.

For those of us that aren’t as fascinating as our dear Mr. West, we need to learn how to optimize our posts. There are few fundamentals that we must consider when taking a stand on our digital soapbox.

Platform: We should always consider that our users interact with social media platforms in different ways. Optimizing each post requires understanding the purpose of each platform. We also need to find out which platforms our buyer personas are most active on. You don’t have to be everywhere on social media, you just have to be somewhere.

For instance, Twitter is ideal for witty interactions and real-time marketing that encourage quick user interaction. In some cases, it even allows room for brands to communicate with each other to entertain our users. We constantly see brands taking advantage of the most active days on social media, including the Oscars.

Message: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Always leave room for creativity and call to actions while still appealing to your audience. Your message will vary based on what is most important to your target audience.

We all know that utilizing social media for promotional purposes can be effective. However, we want to make sure we’re providing our users with a variety of content to dive into. Make sure to think outside of the box and include other content that may peak their interest. Try adding value to your posts by incorporating humor or informational content on relevant topics.

Visuals: Eye-catching visuals are also essential to increase engagements and encourage users to share your content. MOZ recently found that images with your posts receive 94% more engagement. Even posts that contain video are shared 1200% more than text and links combined.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that visuals can drive results, check out the Instagram account for Sh*t That I Knit. Christina Fagan, the founder and knitting queen for the recent startup, discovered that pictures of her product were enough to gain momentum for the brand. In a matter of time, the demand for Fagan’s product was enough to give her carpal tunnel.

She’s expected to sell roughly $30,000-$40,000 worth of merchandise during the upcoming holiday season. Her success is mainly founded upon her aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts. With a variety of hashtags and quirky captions, these visually stunning posts make it easy for consumers to engage with the content.

3. Consistency is Key

Many businesses struggle with the question: “How often to I post?” It’s necessary for you to find what time of day is best for your audience. More importantly, the frequency of your posts must be consistent.

Research based on your consumers appetite for your content will help you determine how often you should post. If you don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation, wait until you do. Keep tabs on how long your consumers are engaging with your content in order to find the sweet spot for your intervals.

4. Evaluate & Repeat

As businesses, we must constantly evaluate our work and search for opportunities for growth. One of the biggest perks of social media is the ability to carefully monitor our performance to see if there is room for improvement.

We want to drive traffic, generate leads, and build community. The beauty of these digital interactions is that we can measure practically everything that we do. Taking a closer look at these categories can help us evaluate how our social presence is effecting our ROI.

Measurement: We always want to be able to measure our engagements and growth. Keep track of increases in engagements such as likes, follows, and reach in order to see which strategies are most effective.

Listening and Insights: Listening to what our consumers have to say allows us to break down the massive flow of information into meaningful insights. Evaluating these consumer responses can shed light on ways to improve social media strategies.

Monitoring and Response: Tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social allow you to efficiently monitor your platforms while responding to consumers. Responses to comments or concerns will promote consumer confidence and reliability.

These three categories will help you find out what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Use these insights to adjust your strategy to meet the needs of your traffic. Then try again!

Now that you know the fundamentals of having a powerful social media presence, it’s time to evaluate your current practices. Ad Age found that 35% of businesses plan to expand social media efforts over the next year. This gives us the opportunity to experiment with new ways of reaching our audiences.

Get inspired, get creative, and get on that soapbox. And remember…..


Until next time,


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