The Mechanics of Data

We are constantly being told that Google Analytics (GA) can do endless things to drive business. But how exactly? The topic of Google Analytics can be extremely intimidating for someone who is just trying to get their feet wet. Once you get past the complexities and strong learning curve, the key to optimizing your businessContinue reading “The Mechanics of Data”

Touchdown for Google

A professor recently told me that keeping up with business is just like following your favorite sports team. As a marketing student, it’s important to always keep up to date with the strongest teams and most valuable players. While watching the Seahawks annihilate the 49ers today, I began to think about this analogy more closely.Continue reading “Touchdown for Google”

Let’s Get Digital, Digital

My inner marketing geek is thrilled to begin the digital marketing course this quarter. My name is Angie and I’m just beginning my final quarter at Western Washington University. In December I’ll graduate with a degree in marketing and a minor in communication studies. After spending the summer interning at Nordstrom, I have spent endlessContinue reading “Let’s Get Digital, Digital”