Valentino, Dior, & Gucci Galore

3, 2, 1… It’s showtime. After laying my eyes on countless coutour garments, I had to pinch myself. Could this be real? My first few weeks of the internship allowed me to begin to love management.¬†However, the most recent week persuaded¬†me into falling hopelessly in love with fashion. The sheer excitement revolving around the NordstromContinue reading “Valentino, Dior, & Gucci Galore”

Midnight Merchandising

With the Anniversary Sale on the horizon, the last few weeks of the internship have consisted of intensive preparation and anticipation. The setup for the sale requires all hands on deck which gave the interns the chance to work directly underneath the corporate visual team. Visual merchandising has always been one of my favorite aspectsContinue reading “Midnight Merchandising”