A Glimpse of Nordstrom

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to to dive into the deep end of the fashion retail industry. My new role as a retail management intern for Nordstrom has brought endless adventures, experiences, and opportunities for growth. The beginning of the internship has provided me with an in depth introduction of the fundamentals of the Nordstrom and everything the business has to offer.

For the duration of the summer, I will be the intern for the women’s specialized department at the Northgate location in Seattle. Along with five other interns at the store, I will be attending classes, working the sales floor, and dipping our toes into the field of retail management. So far, I’ve fallen completely in love with the lingerie department. The unique FullSizeRenderexperience that lingerie offers for customers provides me with the chance to get to know them on a more personal level. These conversations and interactions have encouraged me to build lasting customer relationships over the last few weeks. The lingerie department also offers a different experience for employees. Our department is made up of some of the most relatable associates out there which creates an extremely positive and dynamic atmosphere. Managing a team of such bright individuals is going to be one of the most rewarding experiences of the internship.

One of the aspects I admire most about Nordstrom is the unique and vibrant culture that the corporation has developed over the last hundred years. The upbeat employee morale initially became apparent during the recognition meeting I attended during the first week. Nordstrom has a reputation of providing excellent customer service and the company chooses to recognize the effort of employees to deliver this service. One by one, winners of the Allstar Award in the Northwest region were given a round of applause and a bouquet of flowers to signify the utmost appreciation the company has for their outstanding efforts. This was the perfect introduction to my future with Nordstrom because it allowed me to catch a glimpse of the reason that Nordstrom careers are highly sought after. I feel extremely grateful for the chance to grow with the business.

Another fundamental piece of Nordstrom’s culture is the inverted pyramid. The idea of the inverted pyramid was developed in order to allow the customer to be the top priority in all business practices. As opportunities open up and employees move up in the company, they are simultaneously moving down in the pyramid. A manager’s duties are supporting the associates which in Nordstrom_structure_pyramidturn support the customer. This unique perspective encourages Nordstrom employees to remain humble and inspired to participate in servant leadership. Whether my future career remains with Nordstrom or another company, I hope to incorporate these leadership qualities into my everyday practices.

The next several weeks will be a whirlwind of activities as we wrap up the remainder of the program. From designer fashion shows to the anniversary sale, the second half of the internship will be full of once in a lifetime opportunities. I look forward to fully immersing myself in the Nordstrom environment in order to continue to grow as a future Nordstrom leader.

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